#NZhellhole: New Zealand Twitter users on country’s tryst with pandemic

#NZhellhole – New Zealand Twitter users respond to overseas criticism. Snapshot of tweets from 24 August 2020. Context and background here, via NZ Herald.

Click here for a visualisation of ~16,500 tweets with this hashtag, with account names and nodes sized according to in-degree, which in this instance is a measure of how many times an accounts was referenced (i.e. retweeted or mentioned).

Related tweet thread here. Word cloud of the tweets here.

Download network data visualisation of the tweets as a PNG here, or as a searchable PDF here. The PNG is 10k pixels in width and height. The PDF is 10ft in width and height.

Download collage of 2,262 photos included in the ~16,500 tweets with the #NZhellhole hashtag here (low-resolution version below). The full size collage is 10k x 10k pixels (around 8.6ft x 8.6ft). Background image used in collage render courtesy Madeleine (@rnarkhoppus).