Important note: All the visualisations render best and tested on the latest versions of Google Chrome and Firefox.

The visualisations were created on Gephi and exported using the SigmaExport plugin.

Search on Twitter excludes mentions of ‘cricket’, ‘sport’, ‘sports’, ‘match’ and ‘game’ occurrences. Captures done at least once a day, every day including weekends.

High-resolution network graphs show labels scaled to Eigenvector Centrality and node sizes anchored to Betweenness centrality. Layout using ForceAtlas 2. The colours, generated by Gephi, are based on the modularity algorithm, which breaks the (Twitter) network into communities. In the context of this SNA, anchored to Twitter, each community is like a group, anchored to an idea, issue, individual or institution. Another way to look at each colour is to think of each node with the same colour as an in-group, and all others, with different colours, as out-groups.

Each high resolution image is 10,000 X 10,000 px, or around 8.6 ft x 8.6 ft.